About Us

My wife, Emme and I moved to Stilbaai in 1998. Here we owned, as well as operated a prominent business until 2011 when we started focusing more actively on the hospitality industry. Apart from business, we are also actively involved in the community which is very important to us.

We realise the enormous blessing and advantage of owning this exquisite property at one of the most sought after locations in Stilbaai. Thus we consider it a huge privilege to share this absolute haven with guests from all over the world. It is also very important to us that guests have a clean, comfortable place where they can relax as well as enjoy all the splendours of Stilbaai. Both of us simply love interacting with guests visiting from all over the world.

Here we speak English as well as Afrikaans.

Cobus and Emme Jordaan

Cobus en Emme Beach Castle Stilbaai